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We're done, finished.........................

for 2023! And wow what a year it's been. One of change, changes we have embraced and welcomed like an old friend, not all of them warm and full of hugs but they were welcomed all the same.

We've had some amazing moments and adventures in our business journey this last year, and with those, some set-backs that have meant a change in direction. But those set backs have absolutely propelled us in another direction and one where the path is brighter and the road clearer to see.

We took steps to launch into pop up markets in April and to date the experience has been amazing, we had never imagined this is something we would do and love but here we are and we're so happy we took the leap. We've traded at some markets that haven't quite worked out as well as we had hoped and others that have blown us away with unexpected customer response.

We've kept the pop up market menu interesting and varied and we launched our postal delivery service via our website.

We've established ourselves across the vegan community and achieved Vegan Founded Status, putting our ethics at the forefront of what we do.

The next year will see huge developments for us across all areas of our business and we're full of excitement for it all to come to fruition.

We've been publishing weekly gratitude posts for the last couple of months and this is because we have so much to be thankful for, all the highs, the lows and even the meh moments that have had us wondering if there is mileage in The Tree Rooms? Do we have something good? Do people want to buy what we make? and the reality is yes, absolutely yes and we know this because our business continues to grow and from all the feedback our amazing customers give us, whether it's the astonishment that this is 'vegan' food or the amazement that our food tastes so good!!! You guys are quite literally the best.

On a personal note we have had our fair share of low blows this year with the loss of our Dad Steve, our iconic Aunty Ann and my fur baby Pixie. All of these losses were a shock and rocked us at the core but if anything, we have learnt to keep going, finding the joy and seeing the magic in all that is around us. In October I had another life changing event when I was diagnosed with ADHD, which surprised no-one who really knows me to be honest, but it means I can afford myself the space and patience to work the way I need to and build my own funny shaped box rather than than trying to function in the box we're all assigned as children.

So 2024 for us is one for reflection, letting go of the things that no longer fit the narrative of the story we're writing, and creating pages and pages of new chapters. It's an exciting time for us as we have so much to work we want to do and push forward with.

This evening we will be raising a glass to each other, those who didn't make it into the New Year, those who're already sitting on our branches and those we'll sweep up with us along the way.

Happy New Year to every single one of you beautiful souls - wishing you all love, joy, peace and magic all day everyday for the rest of your days.

Sam xx

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