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If you're reading this, we did it.............

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

We finally completed our website and launched it, correctly.......well hopefully?

What a journey this has been, 6 months in the making and honestly, the first 6 months parenting a newborn was easier lol.

All of the online guidance articles and YouTube videos made it seem so easy and with hindsight we can look back now and see that it was simple, but easy, not so much.

The planning of pages and functionality was probably the easiest part, but when we started working on content, images and decisions around branding and language then our time seemed to get sucked into a black hole! One of the major obstacles we faced, was juggling life (work, family and other commitments) around the time needed to focus on design elements, wording and final decisions.

Life experiences in our external world also caused us to lose momentum and we did at some points, however some of those experiences such as a recent family bereavement also spurred us to just go for it, push ourselves to live our lives to the fullest and create our own amazing opportunities.

As with most difficult things in life though, it was worth it, we found that as well as being a great sister collaborator team, we also lean into each others strengths and give each other the space for creative flow. We think you'll find this is what the LinkedIn world would call 'Synergy', or 'sis'synergy' as we like to call it.

So have browse through our site, find something you that takes your fancy, order it and let us put this site through it's paces!!

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