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Our Story

The Tree Rooms, serving you tantalising, home baked vegan sweet treats that will leave you wondering where the vegan is in them!   When buying our bakes, you can be confident knowing you are contributing to a kinder and more sustainable world, and as our bakes taste so damn good, you'll want to keep coming back for more.

But ‘who’ is The Tree Rooms?  We are sisters and best friends from the North East, who share a love of all things sweet.  We both live a vegan lifestyle, and strive to live a kinder and cruelty free life so that the footprints we leave in this world are ones we can be proud of.

We wanted to create cakes, brownies and other sweet stuff that were so good, you couldn't tell they were vegan.  When we started sharing our creations with friends and family, we were encouraged by their feedback to start selling what we were making, so from there, The Tree Rooms took root.  The Tree Rooms name is in homage to our family connections and represents our deep-rooted values and principles. 

At present, The Tree Rooms menu is available to pre-order via our website with a wider menu available at markets in the North East (see our news and events page) but we have big plans for the future, that involve more substantial roots for us to grow and expand.

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