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Our most popular

Treats that taste as good as being kind feels


White Chocolate & Raspberry Blondie

Our Raspberry & White Chocolate Blondies evoke memories of summer with their light and fresh taste.  For a taste of summer all year round, order today, you won't be disappointed.


Cherry Bakewell Loaf

Our Cherry Bakewell Loaves are baked fresh daily to perfection and are known to be a real crowd pleaser. Their delicious flavor and enticing aroma is so unbelievable that you just have to try one for yourself!


Peanut Butter & Chocolate Flapjack

Our Peanut Butter & Chocolate Flapjacks provide the perfect combination of salty and sweet flavours.  They are made with gluten free oats, which make them a versatile treat to be enjoyed.

Got a craving? We’ve got what you want right here. Stop by to check out our goodies.

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